Benefit of LIRT


Membership of the Life Insurance Round Table is a coveted milestone in the career of an agent.

  • LIRT membership opens the door to New World of Knowledge, motivation and opportunity. It is your first halt on the journey to membership of LIRT Star Agents and LIRT Twinkle Stars equivalent to or greater than MDRT, COT, & ToT Qualification
  • The Annual Convention is unquestionably the most valuable benefit of Life Insurance Round Table Membership.
  • It is an effective, motivating meeting where members exchange information and ideas freely and fully besides listening to the deliberations of speakers from : overseas, our own industry and leaders from other fields.
  • The three & half day program offers opportunity of sharing and exchange of ideas between speakers and members at panel discussions, seminars and main platform presentations.  Convention topics are chosen to help members to increase knowledge, sharpen the skills and development of self esteem.
  • LIRT is the premier forum for the exchange of sales ideas and techniques amongst agents from all over India gathered at the annual Convention.
  • LIRT keeps members on the cutting edge of their careers as a result of participation in the educational and motivational environment, which is the paramount need today in view of widening of the Insurance Sector Horizon.

Increased Productivity : LIRT members increase their productivity as a result of exposure to ideas : Time management, Office management and Personnel management. Members receive new ideas from experts in all fields at Annual Convention. Star Agents and Twinkle Stars serve as example for members to increase their levels of production.

Professionalism : LIRT sets the standard for Professionalism : Production requirements, Code of Ethics and overall commitment to excellence in sales and service, motivate members to reach their potentials. 

Enhanced Prestige and Personal Identification : Life Insurance Round Table members represent the top few life underwriters (agents) throughout India. 

LIRT plaques and insignia display the commitment to excellence inherent in Round Table membership. Camaraderie (fraternal, brotherhood & weaving into guild) is a fundamental benefit of LIRT membership. Members develop lasting friendships and receive ideas, instructions and encouragement from other life underwriters (agents) throughout India.

Leadership Opportunities : LIRT's committee structure allows members to hone their leadership skills as they shape the future of the Round Table by volunteering to serve on various committee ultimately reaching the highest mark "President LIRT".


Participate in upcoming 36th Annual Convention

20 Sep 2024
21-23 Sep 2024
Holiday Inn Lucknow Airport, LUCKNOW, INDIA
[ Registration Ends Soon ] [ Limited Seats Available ]